Friday, January 11, 2008

Do everything
Certain religions eg. like Buddha and Hindu, portray their Gods having thousands of hands to put the meaning that their Gods can do everything.They make beautiful great great grandfather stories, so lyrically so poetically so poemically so tragically so outrageously so idiotically so dumbstruckably that the followers just believe without questions.

If their Gods are true as what they believe, if their souls were enlightened to the highest karma and if the Heavens, the universe and this world become united as one; then what the Hell until today there are killings and fightings everywhere in this world.
And the rich become more greedier to get even more than others.

This proves that Satan have fooled them into believing his own stories, insinuating these people that whatever they have been doing through those dimensions of time, are all only bloody dirty rubbish shits.

That from the very beginning, generations down to generations, until today that they have never clean up after themselves and to show how proud they are doing it, only means NOTHING, FOR NOTHING!!

And they all deserve to go to Hell after this world and be punished for eternity!!